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Social Media Optimisation

Be part of the conversation! Be the first to interact!

Nowadays, everyone is socialising, and the traditional communication barriers are no longer there (regardless of your hobbies, interests, desires, beliefs or nationality). There is someone out there who is always willing and interested in talking to you. We are currently living in a “social revolution” in which everybody can talk, have an opinion, and above all, the ability to influence your target audience – are you part of this social stratosphere or you hope it will soon disappear?

We advise you not to be intimidated by this revolution, but rather join and become the new Che Guevara. Those taking the initiative will become leaders (remember the beginnings of SEO – the ones who co-opted it are now some of the most popular brands online). Still, “a single model” certainly does not fit all and if you are wrong, you can be on the verge of failure. Social Media is a real presence, and what’s left of your negative feedbacks can haunt you for years in a row. Join the Social Media fans of your brand through Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + and Twitter. A steady and continuous presence on the Social Media channels will give you an important pivot for your company’s online presence.

A single Social Media model does not fit all

Each and every organisation must understand what “social media” phenomenon means for them from the start. A Facebook page will not immediately solve your customer communication and implicitly, positive results for your online presence. For some, this is the perfect means to interact with their users and yet, for others, it can lead to a waste of budget, where PPC and SEO could have brought better results. We like to discuss and interact in the social media environment and this means much more that having a Facebook, Twitter or Google + account. We must follow the social environment your target audience originates in, and only after trying to get in touch with it. Optimising your presence on the social media channels guarantees that at least one communication channel is not ignored. By interacting with them, at their level, we create a real presence for ourselves and can direct conversations to sketch a credible presence and functional strategy in approaching users. Furthermore, the most important thing is to listen to users and your fans. By listening to what’s going on, we can be more pro-active, start a conversation much faster and can show your target audience a true kind of media interaction.

Social media optimisation always starts with the simplest of elements: a central point for social media, which can also be a website of your company. If this is already done, the social media optimisation path is opened to the maximum.

Do not hesitate to contact our company’s Social Media development team for a more detailed range of Social Media optimisation methods that we provide to our customers.