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Mobile phone website development

More than 50% of visitors are on mobile devices. Is your website ready?

We have to admit that the web has become mobile and there’s no turning back. An increasing number of people are surfing the Internet from their mobile phones, and last year, the percetage of visitors on mobile devices (smartphone, tablet) exceeded 50% of all visitors. The development of a strategy for mobile devices and tablets is a MUST, but it also needs to be perfect for your business – and that’s where Media First comes in to help you introduce yourselves to the customers who visit your website from a mobile device.

Websites are no longer visited only from laptops or PCs. User expectations are always high and their demand targets a dynamic experience available WHENever, HOWever and WHEREver they want it.

The new trend in developing mobile versions for your website is the “adaptive” or “responsive” design. Specifically, this involves the development of a website that interacts with the devices it is accessed from and adapts to the size of the device scree. It thus needs to be optimised for an increasing number of mobile desktops and browsers, each with their own interface, screen resolution and basic technologies.

Talk to mobile technology experts

For a specialised mobile technology of your website, you need to make sure that the main website is compatible with mobile phones, so, our Media First team with its web designer and web developer department will handle all these aspects, like HTML5, CSS3, Java Script and web fonts to ensure the best possible experience for your customers, both from a desktop PC and a mobile device.

The convergence between laptops, tablets and smartphones is so fast that this page may become obsolete before the ink dries off, so contact us to find out the latest news on mobile web development and to check out our newest mobile device portfolio.

The mobile Internet is waiting for you to show off your brand! We are looking forward for you to contact us and start a constructive chat about our first successful mobile campaign.