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CRM – Customer Management System

Increasing the company’s efficiency through automated project, activity and complete control of information management within the company: this is the CRM solution offered by Media First.

Advantages CRM Media:

  • Automation of production and sales departments
  • Minimization of management costs
  • Increase in the efficiency of activities undertaken
  • Ensuring complete control of all activities
  • Optimising the organizational structure and making it more efficient
  • Customised access to information based on the customer’s preferences
  • Complete daily backup of the entire system

The CRM app offered by Media First is intended to be a solution for managing the activities of small and medium enterprises through the management of both resources and document flow, starting from the premise that cost reduction is the most important stage in the development of any information systems at this level.

The service provided is a solution based on the Web technology for managing multi-platform documents (from an operating system point of view) which allows the customer database management in close relation with any types of documents in electronic format. Starting from a simple visit or offer sent to a customer and continuing with the conclusion of contracts, managed campaigns and projects, the system is meant to be a control centre of customer activities, with a user-friendly interface that is also very easy to adapt depending on the company’s needs and its organisational structure.

From a document management point of view, due to the implementation of standardised models (ISO), their quality is brought to the highest quality standards.

The main advantages of the solution offered as the following:

* Cost reduction

Most of the times, this factor is the first to be reached (and not always obtained) during implementation attempts. One of the main aspects favouring this type of system is represented by the fact that the achievement of an effective contact with the customer can be made very easily, the same applying to the sales and service activities. Separate tools, namely different utilities from within the CRM systems are usually sold separately at low prices to be used as independent tools, but most of the system implemented functions, from document generation to the management of agents’ tasks and ongoing activities are mainly destined to increase employee productivity.

* Increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty

The CRM type of tools facilitate the formation of customer-company relationships. With the help of their flexible functions and ease of use, customers are able to get what they want in a shorter amount of time, as employees are more productive and efficient, or due to the fact that the information delivered is very effective.

Specialised studies show that most of the satisfied customers share the following features: they buy in larger quantities, generate lower service costs in relation to the quantity purchased, are much more sensitive to minor price changes and are an amazing method of advertising as they recommend the seller to other partners as well. We can thus observe a distinctive note in the cultivation of customer loyalty.

* Increasing profits

Increasing profits is the la stage in building a successful business and is a result of lowered costs and customer loyalty growth. It’s not always easy to highlight the role played by the CRM apps in profit levels increase, but one can often observe the positive change in the profit rate with the implementation of the new systems.

* Enhancing the power of management

By assigning and monitoring processes, the CRM solutions make it possible for everyone to track to track all the processes developed from owner to owner, to analyze potential inaccuracies and the errors and delays that may arise as a result. This function is extremely useful both for the management branch of the company that wants to assess the performance of the team it leads, and for those who must coordinate their activities according to third parties that appear along the production flow.We can thus eliminate all problems related to not knowing the exact people responsible for certain parts of the activities.

* Increasing the employee’s level of satisfaction

Few CRM systems take into consideration the impact on the employee’s’ satisfaction level. This is due to the fact that the employee’s satisfaction is rarely measured, which makes it hard to determine their degree of additional satisfaction that comes with the implementation of the system. The reality, on the other hand, shows us that providing the employees with the right tools is a determining factor, especially in the case of the most valuable ones, who will become more productive and contribute to cost reduction.

* Improving logistics

Another benefit which is also very difficult to quantify is improving logistics. By doing this, you can get to know your customers better so that you can adapt your products according to their needs. The newest CRM systems tend to incorporate increasingly sophisticated analytical systems to better outline the benefits of using customer contact data. The main obstacle in improving logistics is not the fact that a CRM system is not implemented, but that that data stored are not being exploited as well as they could be.

The benefits brought by the implementation of a CRM system upon the company’s activities are countless and its effects will be visible rather quickly. However, the most important component in cost reduction is the increase in customer loyalty, more often than not, this failing to be the focus of attention.