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Web database development

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So, you have an excellent website, but how will it react under pressure? What if in 1 or 2 weeks’ time you’ll have twice as many visitors?

It can only be about numbers like 1 and 0 for us, but for web apps and database developers this is a form of art. The Media First team members dealing with the database implementation and optimisation are “Formula 1 mechanics”, making sure that your website is always updated si that it achieved optimal performances and resists the “stress” of a large number of visitors.

When a potential customer visits your website, he or she expects that all the action of the website will happen with a simple click, but taking into account that the millions of possible data strands must be updated, optimised, indexed and stored, this actually is a rather big task – which is where our team comes in.

Our Media First programmers have the responsibility to optimise databases, one of the largest sectors in our agency, with the biggest growing rate, being comprised of some of the best and most experienced web developers in the country. They work hard to ensure that any element in our management and storage system is optimised to be reduced to the ideal performance / resource report, guaranteeing that websites run at full capacity and allowing us to manage server resources and attenuate sharp increases in the number of visitors.

In addition to these, our database developers have created database management systems (DBMS) that display massive catalogues (such as a database of 150,000 restaurants), store customer’s information, process sales orders, manage registrations and members, support message and comment panels, deal with real-time search issues and facilitate labeling systems, all this beside many others.

Web systems and online catalogues can be designed and developed while improvising, the existing data can be converted or even integrate your web databases into already existing apps – possibilities are endless.

We welcome you to test our qualities in web and online database development for eCommerce and online shops or if you want to discuss your concerns and microseconds, contact. We are more than prepared.