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Email Marketing

Talk to your customers! Email marketing is the first step!

We are addressing one of the most efficient direct communication methods with the public – email marketing campaigns – which nowadays ensure a direct interaction with the customers you have in the database. It had probably already happened to you to be bombarded with hundreds of emails every day. We like to think that our email marketing approach is completely different; the most important thing for us is to get real results and provide useful and customised information for each reader of direct marketing and email marketing. This refers to sharing an email and turning its readers into prospect and, finally, end-users. That’s why the Media First method is firstly based on data and customisation, which allows us to better figure out who the audience is, to classify it in detailed segments and then clarify the email marketing sending to ensure high-value click and access rates.

Secondly, we analyse the transmission of emails, specifically all the aspects of conveyance, including the creative part, the titles and the servers they are sent from – we are very interested in distribution and response. Last but not least, we are highly aware that all activities must trigger traffic for the website you want to promote. For us, all the action must trigger a reaction, be it traffic, purchases or inquiries. Using Media First’s management or self-management services, you are guaranteed an experienced type of management with results based on email marketing that are far superior to those you can currently find on the market.

Using email marketing services is far easier and more convenient financially, when it comes to selling to an existent customer than investing in the search and qualification of a new one, and yet most businesses spend all the time, effort and marketing budget to find new leads, while ignoring the existing ones, which, will eventually go somewhere else. Email marketing is an incredibly powerful manner to talk to customers (both new and old), encouraging initial and consecutive sales. In order to be successful, the email marketing campaign must be captivating, relevant, current, targeted and customised. When properly done, it will increase sales, help with client retention and give credibility to your brand. If you are tagged as a spammer, you will never be able to send trusted email again!

Media First offers top digital solutions for online email campaigns, starting from the initial email marketing consulting, to planning, delivering, implementing and tracking a successful strategy.

Our email marketing consultant can give your advice and suggestions for your email marketing strategy, providing a software that will facilitate and even manage it for you.

Do not hesitate to contact our Media First digital solutions and email marketing team for detailed versions and packages we offer to our customers.