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Website management system

Manage your own website! Quick and easy

Nowadays, all we can talk is about here and now – no one is interested in what happened yesterday – that’s why, in order to be successful, you must make sure that your website is updated and optimised according to the latest standards.

As its name suggests, the web content management system (CMS) is a web application that allows you to do just that, namely, to manage your website’s content, including text, pictures, video and documents. The biggest advantage when using CMS is that you do not need to have a lot technical knowledge to use it, which means that adding, modifying or correcting your website is very easy, allowing you to save both time and money.

The perfect solution for you

After years of developing CMS solutions for a large number of customers, we have developed our own ultra-performant CMS called MEDIACMS. This CMS is very intuitive and has multiple benefits: it will ensure complete website content management, allows multi-user access, it is an advanced text editor, includes SEO tools, banner management, image upload, video upload and many more.

MEDICMS will provide the benefit of having a pre-incorporated system and, because we know how it works better than anyone, we can customize it for any website, modify it and add functionality wherever necessary. So, if you need for the CMS to integrate with your systems or you need custom-made functionality, we have the perfect solution. This flexibility provides the certainty that you won’t have to change your current work methods, as the CMS will adapt according to your needs.

Or…you can bring your own CMS

If you want to use a certain type of CMS, we have nothing against it. Whether it is a CMS based on WordPress and Woocommerce, an online Magento store, Open Cart, Prestashop, or simply a customized CMS that you have been using until now, we can handle it. Our development team is experienced in a wide range of content publishing platforms, so we would love to talk about your current and future requirements.

Give us a call or contact us using the contact form to find out more.