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Statistics analysis

Statistics analysis

We love data. And the more facts we have, like numbers and opinions, the better for us to eliminate complications of monitoring and website access interpretation. Indeed, we probably are some of the most dedicated users of visitor statistical data analysis (and of third party software).

On the other hand, we do the hardest part (data comprehension) and then use it for your benefit, by providing our knowledge that will help you steer your business in the right direction, through detailed reporting and optimised results.

In order to complete the analysis, we get reports from from dedicated industry softwares such as: SEOmoz, Opensite Explore, Majestic SEO and Analytics SEO. The data we get this way, include:

  • Conversion tracking – this process consists in monitoring the user trajectory and understanding interaction points.
  • Link portfolio management – tracking link development, implementing text distribution and creating performance profiles
  • Website status check – monitoring website structure, content and context in real time
  • eCommerce monitoring – financial reports of keyword efficiency for online stores
  • Traffic analysis – understanding quantity, quality and opportunities you have through website visitors

All the things listed above are just a small part of our knowledge.

By using multiple visitor analysis and statistics systems we have gained unparalleled knowledge of how we can create a great online marketing campaign in a context that you can also understand.

It is quite easy to implement active monitoring for visitors and advanced statistics on the website. Use the contact to get more information on traffic analysis and web statistics.