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Data takeover

Data takeover

Creating a potential customer database

Somebody has recently visited your website, so what next? Well, you want that person to interact, either through a sale or by contacting the company or an operator who deals with data takeover, data that will later on be processed by your company’s sales department.

Think that all the websites have an objective, and yours would be to get certain data. With this, you have the power to keep in touch with people,and even if they are not your clients yet, they could be sometimes soon. The chance to contact other people could make the difference between failure and success.

Many website owners devalue the importance of data takeover and consider that placing a CTA button (click to action) is less important than design aesthetics. We, first of all, take into account what works and then develop attractive designs around them to make sure that aesthetics has other functions as well, not just to look good. Besides design, we optimise main pages and use “GAP” analysis to make sure that the visitor’s journey from registration to the website is a smooth process that leads to the client conversion.

Do not underestimate the importance of capturing data from website visitors. Having more information will give you the necessary tools to overcome your competition and continue to constantly attract visitors to your website through remarketing campaigns and direct notifications.

Are you ready to increase visitor conversion on your website? Start with the contact form and we will get back to you shortly to have a constructive chat on how to increase conversion values on your website.