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Conversion of clicks into customers.

Let’s not confuse the fact that online marketing is no different from any other form of marketing – it’s all about conversions, whether you are dealing with advertising, direct email, SEO optimization or PPC paid campaigns.

In the world of digital agencies, there are many who will try to fool you with “clicks”, “traffic” and “SERPS” (search engine results pages). Indeed, these are important aspects (and a key factor in understanding conversions), but should not be considered a reference point in assessing success. In the end, you can have a high traffic level from top search positions, but if there are no people or buyers interested in the product you are selling, it’s all pointless.

Our online marketing and web optimization team has members from both the agency and customer contexts and are well aware of the importance of delivering concrete, measurable results, as well as the factors behind them. We are, of course, experienced when it comes to SEO optimization, PPC and Social Media optimization, but we like to believe that we are even better in conversion optimization and increasing the number of online sales for our customers. Our entire core focuses on “Conversion Search”, or in simpler words, on understanding how to improve your online profile to increase online sales and product / service offer requests.

Conversion optimization is an inherent part of each element we, at Media First, work with. We are focusing on visitors and audience, understanding how you can better interact with them, as well as the trigger factors to turn them from a “click” to a buying customer. If you haven’t done so before, you must place conversion optimization at the top of your digital marketing priorities list – in the near future, this may well make the difference between your project’s success and failure.

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