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Complete IT Service

IT Increases productivity by eliminating IT equipment issues.

Have you ever thought how much time, energy and resources you lose when the IT equipment in your company is not working, malfunctioning or is unoptimised? Let us tell you: approximately 17% of your monthly time is wasted by your company’s employees with such periods when computers are not working or have programme errors, use unoptimised resources or outdated software versions. Think about a team leader that is not working 17% of a month’s time: that’s about 3,5 days when he/she cannot work at full capacity. Now calculate how many employees you have, what administrative costs you have every month and then multiply this by 12.

A complete management and IT service solution for the IT equipment you are using in the daily business activity will bring a measurable advantage, as well as an optimisation of monthly costs.

Media First, through its dedicated IT service department, with an experience of over 13 years in the management and monitoring of IT equipment: office computers, work stations, graphic stations, Linux and Windows servers and active networking equipment, offers you a complete, unlimited solution (through monthly subscription packages) and ultra fast intervention both in Cluj-Napoca and in the areas close by.

To improve IT systems for medium and large companies, we offer IT infrastructure and networking optimisation with a speed increase from 100Mbps to dedicated Gigabit and 10Gbps for large and very large network traffic.

On average, if a customer deals with a software incident, we can solve it in approximately 15 minutes, while a hardware incident is usually solved in up to 2 hours with a proactive workflow system based on the experienced we have gained over the past few years.

The IT service options we offer to our customers target both through intervention per incident and, most advantageously, through attractive monthly subscriptions that include an unlimited number of prompt, monthly interventions for the optimal performance of the IT equipment within the company.

Are you ready for a better IT systems and network performance? Use the contact form to take the first step towards a new type of IT services that will help you boost activity.