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It’s all about getting results. Conversion is the next step!

With over 10 years of experience in the field of search engine optimisation, online campaign optimisation and SEO optimisation, the Media First team has learnt a lot about how to get credible and sustainable results for our customers. From our collective experience gained through collaboration with large brands (let’s not forget however, the small and medium-sized companies, or startups), we believe that success is much more than just the online search results. Mature online marketing is the conversion of the visitor who has reached your website into a customer who is both satisfied with the product quality and the online experience he/she has on the site. We call it “Conversion Search”.

Media First’s vision is focused on developing a “REAL” online presence and that means understanding the target audience, how it works online and what makes it function. Through knowledge acquired over time, we can develop and implement a major strategy that implies SEO optimisation, PPC campaigns, SOCIAL MEDIA promotion, ONLINE PR, the influential factor action range and many more, building an online authority for your brand that, in the end, will help your website turn clicks into customers. We call it Conversion Search and keeping in mind that it focuses on reaching your target lead number, it provides measurable, quick and more credible results than traditional marketing optimisation does.

With Conversion Search you can estimate the exact ROI (Return on Investment) you intend to develop in your online presence. We are looking forward for a discussion about the goals you want to reach online and the first step towards that is for you to contact us.